Meredith Executive Search


Search Process


  1. Assessment - Includes detailed discussions about your open position(s) and provides you with a free consultation on search criteria, compensation, industry climate and expected placement timeline.  
  2. Cost - Our number one goal is to minimize the amount of risk for everyone involved in each placement.  We have a simple one page fee agreement explaining our fee structure, our candidate guarantee and our terms for payment.  We are happy to design a fee agreement specifically for each client that best fits their business structure.  We generally work on a contingency basis so we actually are not paid until we successfully place a candidate.  We do require a signed fee agreement before we will begin the search.     
  3. Recruiting - Candidates are sourced from our industry contacts, professional associations, confidential recommendations, cold calls to targeted companies and social networking.  
  4. Qualifying Candidates- We will interview and evaluate candidates performance, skills required of the position, results achieved in past positions, interest level in the position, company culture fit and overall predictors of success.  Upon completion, we will submit qualified candidates to the client which will include a resume and a overview highlighting the skills deemed necessary to be considered.  
  5. Evaluation - We arrange interviews, prepare interviewers, promptly convey feedback and consult with you regarding your feedback.  If the candidate is chosen to go on a face-to-face interview, the candidates formal education will be carefully vetted and references checked.  Additional background or credit checks are also available at an additional charge.    
  6. Offer - When a proper fit is made between the client and the candidate, we will consult with the client on the offer, provide feedback through the entire process and extend offers to candidates as needed.